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In the media

Below you will find links to news and information about Casa do Jardim that has been published in the media.  At this time, these articles are only available in Portuguese.

1 - Newspaper Hoje em Dia
In February 2012, an article was published about Casa do Jardim in the newspaper Hoje em Dia. Parents, students and staff were interviewed to provide a varied perspective on the work and impact of the project. Publish at 7-8-2012.

2 - Itau-Unicef Award
Read this report that was published by the Itau Social Foundation about the organizations that won the award in 2012, including the Institute for Local Integrated Development - Casa do Jardim Publish at 7-26-2012.

3 - Article by the Nova Lima Municipal Board of Education
Read the piece about Casa do Jardim Programa Ampliando Horizontes (Broadening Horizons Programe) by Nova Lima Municipal Board of Education in 2012. Publish at 5-14-2013.

4 - Teaching with love - Generosidadee Project from Globo Publisher
Ms Maria Antônia history, first teacher of Jardim Canadá, Casa do Jardim Projeto Aprendendo a Aprender (Learning to Learn Project) Coordinator. Publish at 5-14-2013.

5 - Article about Casa do Jardim in AlphaVila Magazine
Read article about Casa do Jardim and Quik in the social resposibility policies subject in AlphaVila Magazine. Publish at 5-14-2013.


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