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Início Sobre Nós Projetos Comunicação Participar Contato
Mission, Vision, Hope and Principles

missao-visao.jpgOur Mission

To contribute to personal and community development in Jardim Canadá and region through integrated complemetary education and research that promote the recognition and appreciation of local assets, beginning with children.

Our Vision

To be a social organization based on a pedagogical and institutional model of collective leadership and local development with a focus on education, community integration and social sinergy, with a sustainable financial model.

Our Hope

To contribute to the formation of a future colletive leadership that contributes to the development of one´s community though one´s respect in relationships, one´s professional commitment, one´s participation in public life, appreciation of one´s history and local identity and one´s responsibility foward the enviroment.

 Our Principles

Endogenous Valorization

We aim to get know and appreciate experiences, habilities and potential of local peoples organizations and natural resources. Values: Respect, Learning and Recognition.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

We aim to build sinergical relationships with all interested parties through communication and evaluation in order to multiply the power and efficiency of each partnership. Values: Ethics and Transparency, Co-construction and Cooperation.

Coherence We conduct our work with integrity, commitment and responsibility. We plan and evaluate our actions to evolve as an organization and ensure coherence between actions and words. Values: Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Integrity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Quality, Innovation.


Instituto de Desenvolvimento Local Integrado - Casa do Jardim
Rua Walpoli, 126 | Jardim Canadá, Nova Lima
Minas Gerais, Brasil | CEP 34.000-000
+55 31 98209.2662 | joannedurchfort@gmail.com